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About Karl Egloff

Karl Egloff 38, was born in Quito to a Swiss father and an Ecuadorian mother. Since an early age his father Charly, a renowned Swiss mountaineer in Ecuador, took him along on his expeditions where Karl at an early age, found his passion for the mountain.

At age 15 he had already ascended mountains more than 5,000 meters high over 250 times and had surpassed the barrier of 6,000 meters above sea level 30 times. Now he is a tour leader and owner of his own mountaineering agency Cumbre Tours since 2013.

Karl is known for more than his mountaineering prowess. He started mountain bike racing in 2008 and since Karl has won 70 gold medals in national races and has represented Ecuador in over 6 international cycling events, including 2 international participations in the highest category.

While guiding his Swiss international trekking groups he kept his fitness by running in altitude while everyone rested. Karl learned he had a gift for endurance in altitude and started his prowess in sky running. In August 2014, Karl gained international notoriety by breaking the world record for speed climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro and then by crushing the World record to the top and back of Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas in February 2015 and now owns the record for Mount Elbrus attained in 2017. Recently this year, he broke Denali’s speed record setting it in 11h44min overall running to the top of the mountain in 7h40min and getting back to base camp in 4h04min.


His project is to do each of the hight mountains on each continent, known as the 7 Summits for fastest known times in speed climbing and doing the FKT for the tallest peaks of each Andean country. He now is one of the most respected mountain athletes in Ecuador and the world.

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